Hockey Match is a platform through which ice hockey players or staff members and teams can find each other. So, we are a job portal for ice hockey.

As we know from Tinder when two persons find each other its called a match. On the Hockey-Match platform it should be the same: When an ice hockey player or staff member and a team finds each other, it’s hopefully the perfect match in hockey. So you can literally say that we are the Tinder for ice hockey.

After you sign up, you will get one application for free. After you are using that one, you can simply buy new credits to be able to apply on more jobs.

We, the founders of Hockey-Match, have been looking several times for a new team and know how tricky it could be. Also, how expensive an agent is nowadays. That's why we decided to create a platform where teams and players or staff can find each other without an agent.

Just write us an E-Mail to
Looking for a new team:

Just get registered, fill out your profile and apply for open job offers by teams. If they are interested in you, they will finally contact you by E-Mail or phone. You can apply for every open job offer which was published by a team. Furthermore, there is also always the chance to get contacted by a team without applying for a job, as they see every player or staff member who is registered on the platform.

You can apply for every open job offer which was published by a team. Furthermore, there is the chance to get contacted by a team directly over E-mail or phone.

There is no age limit on our platform, so you can also register yourself if you are still very young and going to school.

If you want kind of more of a personal help, like agents do, feel free to book a free evaluation call here! Together we analyze your situation, to help to find you the next ice hockey team which satisfies your desires.
Looking for new players and staff:

Three ways to find the right candidates for your team: 1. Post a job and professionals will apply. 2. Use our platform's filters to find a perfect match. 3. Contact us for recommendations from our database.

Sign up as a Club, complete your profile and post a job offer. There you can choose what you are looking for specifically and also add some details.

It is up to you, you can make it public or anonymous. You just need to change this option when posting a new job.

No! Nobody will see which teams are registered. Only when you post a job, you can decide if you want to post it with your team name or anonymous.

Yes, we can do that. Just write an E-Mail to or write to us over social media.
Agency Services:

You can apply for open job offers on our platform at any time. But you might want to have personal support, so that it will surely help you find your new ice hockey team. Therefore, we have also created the Hockey Match Agency.

If a player or a coach wants to make sure to definitely find a new team for the upcoming season or during a season, it is recommended to use our agency services. Our team of professionals will first make a free evaluation call with you to discuss which league would be the best fit for you and afterwards move forward according to our success formula.

On our platform you can apply for as many job as you want, at any time. Teams can also contact you at any time without an application done. Somehow, teams might ignore you and do not contact you after you applied. So that's why we will be your agent and support you 24/7 to help you find your next team, as we directly go to teams and offer you to coaches and general managers.

Our service starts with a free evaluation call to eliminate all your questions. After that we can tell you the exact amount of money we charge you, what will be between 500 and 1000 USD. The first half is an upfront payment and the second half is after you sign a contract with a new team.

As we will go directly to teams and contact a lot of coaches and general managers, we spend a lot of time marketing your profile to make sure that you can sign a new contract with a team that fits you at its best as soon as possible.

Just write us an e-mail to or book a free evaluation call here.